Our Services

1. Terminate Management Service

This service is earned out against the hidden enemy of Human being. Termites which are social insects line in the Earth more than 250 million years, long before the existence of human being. They are broadly classified into three group"s- i.e. subterranean Termites, Damp, Wood Termite and Dry Wood Termites. Out of these three groups the Subterranean Termites causes maximum DFamages in the world. They feed on anything which carries Cellulose i.e. Wood, Paper, Clothes etc and causes significant Aesthetic damage to the property.

Technique to form a chemical barrier against termites around your Property. This treatment can be carried out in building during construction (Pre-construction Service) and also to the existing Building (Post Construction Service)

2. Cockroach Management Service

Odourless, Non Messy Hassel Free & safe For Human This service to tackle common crawling insect pest like Cockroaches, Black Ants, Red Ants and Silverfish Commonly found anywhere, be it Residences, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Handling Units, Pharma- ceuticals along with the Corporate Offices.

Dysentery and gastro- enteritis along with asthma, Etc. The Treatment consists of use of nontoxic Gel baits along with odour less spray treatment. The mode of treatment may be individual or composite of above. The advantage of this treatment is that no inconvenience of vacating the premises and normal house hold activities can be carried out without hassle. Herbal treatment also available.

3. Mosquito Management Service

The killer disease such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis are being transmitted through mosquitoes. An integrated approach consisting of Larvicidal, indoor residual Spray, Foliage Spray is carried out to control these vectors. These operations are undertaken in small industrial towns. Townships, Housing, Colonies, Villages and Major Cities.

A number of insecticides have been registered for use in mosquito control. The relative value of chemical control varies with the mosquito species and environmental conditions at the location where control is to be applied. Because each situation differs, care must be taken to select the proper insecticide for a particular situation.

Control measures includes : larvicidal treatment in stagnant water bodies if inside the premises, Residual spray on vulnerable hiding and sitting places of mosquitoes. Hot or cold fogging to kill adult mosquitoes in periphery.

4. Rodent Management Service

This service is carried out against rats, mice. Bandi-coots but not for shrews. They are intelligent agile incisors, can exert pressure of 24000 psi which is sufficient enough to gnaw wood plastic and even metals. They are prolific breeder. The young reaches to sexual maturiply to 800 youngs in a year with a favorable feeding and nesting condition. Their dropping, urine and hair contaminate the food and surrounding. They are also responsible for more than 40 diseases.

Rodents include rats mice and bandicoots commensal rodents are those which live with or near man. Rodents are considered as Number 1 pest of mankind, since they are responsible for damage to his food at all stages from field to his dining table. They are also responsible for the transmission of dreaded diseases to man They are also responsible for damage to his property by way of gnawing which may result in short circuit and fire hazards. Being a mammal rats our very intelligent and highly adaptable creature. Rodents control is always a tough and challenging activity. The control strategy includes combination of:- 1. Baiting 2. Trapping 3. Proofing with latest available techniques.

The treatment package includes proofing, baiting and trapping with the use of sticky glue/cage/snap traps etc.

5. Wood Borer Management Service

Most serious pest of all types of processed & softwood. Dark brown to black in colour female lay eggs in the crevices and rough surfaces.After hatching the larva bores into the wood. the life cycle may take more than one year. the adult is a good flyer and thus can attack and spread the infestation in new area.

6. Bed Bugs Management Service

The Begbug is a cosmopolitan pests always found inhuman habitation. They are hitch-hikers and very common in hospital, Theaters, Hotels, Public Transports etc. They are mainly active in night. The adult can go without food for more than 130 days. A bedbug can take blood six times of its weight. Therir Bites Cause irritation and loss of sleep.

The treatment consists of a through insecticide spray to their hideout and special attention to the mattress, bedding and folds etc. Since their eggs are resistant to insecticide penetration, a second round treatment is followed up within a fortnight to control new hatching.

7. Damp Proof Management Service

Prophyalactic & prevention treatment in ware houses/ storage godowns. Export/Import Containers.

This service is carried out to control the insect pest of stored grain products and as well as the quarantine pest of import and export cargos.

8. Other Management Service